this is the last night
and this night is so cold,
i will stop to cry
and there is no fun in darkness anymore

my last night.

the last night is standing out
and my last night is killing myself
the last night of my pain
it flows from my mouth

and in this special night, i felt ur love for the last time
the last time i heard from you
i will keep in mind
what it is worth?

what an odd.

this night i wont caring,
i am not carying anymore.

why escape?
the night is everwhere I go.
my night the last thing left of me

i remember, when the night was always time for me to sleep and dream of YOU.

but in this last night, i wont do it anymore...
1.12.10 01:59


These nigts.

It's one of these nights, where i am helpless.
And feel like gettin paranoid.
3.8.10 01:19

Forget me.

Forget my name.
you don't need to recall it.
erase it from your vocabulary.
it's just a meaningless arrangement of letters.

forget my face.
there's no need for recognition.
blur my features from your sight.
i'll just be faceless in the billions.

forget my voice.
no need to hear the silence.
the words are empty now.
there is no need for anything to be said.

forget my memory.
there's no need for a reminder of the times we had.
they are just insignificant moments in time.
no reason to remember.

forget my feelings.
they are meaningless now.
void emotions with nothing attatched.
there is no need to be considerate.
they are nonexistant.
2.8.10 01:37

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